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Why Creating Confidence?
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We work with executive teams of technology companies to create scalable sales organizations and processes.  We can assist with many aspects of sales that executives must deal with on a continuing basis.  Perhaps you are struggling with some of the following issues:

  • How to qualify leads and move them through the sales process?

  • How to close more business?

  • How to create a reliable forecasting model?

  • What is the skill set that the sales reps, sales engineers, inside sales reps must possess?

  • What is the ratio of sales reps to sales engineers to inside sales reps?

  • What should the compensation plans look like to motivate my teams appropriately?

  • How do I hire the best people and in what cities should I place them?

  • At what level should the quotas be set?

  • What should the channel strategy be and how do I minimize channel conflict?

  • How do I best communicate with sales employees?

  • How do I always exceed customer expectations?

We will work with you to determine the areas where we can make the greatest impact.  A set of measurable goals will be agreed upon and a plan of attack will be put in place.  We will deliver observable and measurable results.  The bottom line is to increase your sales.


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