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Why Creating Confidence?

Here are but a few of the many comments leaders of companies we've worked with have said about us and our founder, Randy Uram:

Sally Bament
SVP Global Marketing of BTI Systems

Creating Confidence and Randy Uram have been a tremendous addition to our lead generation efforts. Their appointment setting program has been very successful, resulting in confirmed, quality appointments with many key individuals at top-tier organizations. Randy and his team have helped us enter new markets and generate real revenue from the appointments. Once starting with Creating Confidence it's very hard to imagine not having them available to help us fill the top of the sales funnel.

Tricia Hosek
Chief Operating Officer of Netsocket

Creating Confidence has confirmed a number of excellent appointments for Netsocket over the past few years. These meetings have helped Netsocket build our pipeline of sales opportunities. Randy Uram has created a very efficient and unique appointment setting process that just works. His process also gathers sales and marketing data that is key to any company looking to learn what potential prospects are saying.

Christy White
Managing Director, Cogent Reports, Market Strategies International

Randy Uram and Creating Confidence have helped Cogent Research (now Market Strategies International) with a number of sales related projects. They have been involved with appointment setting, helping us to build our inside sales team, defining our sales process and fine-tuning the sales team's sales skills. We especially appreciate Randy's knowledge of the sales cycle, qualification techniques and what is needed to secure quality appointments. He has been a great addition to our team and has worked with us for a number of years. We continue to count on Creating Confidence and Randy to help us fill our sales pipeline, close revenue and increase market share.

Dawn Brehm
Chief Operating Officer, The Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers

The team at Creating Confidence is professional and easy to work with. Amazing flexibility. They produced the results we needed. Besides setting a number of appointments they were able to get responses we couldn't, which allowed us to clean up our existing database.

Josh Adelson
Former Director of Marketing, PeerApp

Creating Confidence has provided us with a systematic, transparent and effective lead creation and qualification function. Randy and his team are communicative and flexible, allowing us to continually improve the process. In the first four months alone they created some 50 appointments for our territory sales force.

Gareth Taube
President of Market Recognition

Randy Uram has the unique ability to understand what customers need quickly after meeting them. He then superbly matches solutions to those needs. The result is revenue for the company and satisfied clients.

Jeff McCarthy
General Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners

Randy Uram knows how to "get it done." Nothing gets in his way once the goals are set. He has the confidence and ability to go into new markets and succeed. Customers and direct reports love working with Randy.

John Geraghty
Former VP of Sales of ClickSquared

Creating Confidence is a highly efficient, professional company. They've exceeded our expectations and have helped us increase our revenue pipeline by setting a number of quality introduction appointments. Creating Confidence has also helped us explore target markets through their productive appointment setting and market data gathering program. I would highly recommend Randy Uram and his team to any company looking to outsource their appointment setting processes.

Ed Zaval
Former VP of Customer Service of Sycamore Networks

Thank you to Creating Confidence for exceeding our expectations and for your professionalism and attitude throughout our entire Service Revenue Recovery program. For us, there was tremendous value even before your team starting selling…you assisted in notifying non-contract customers that they would no longer be able to access our TAC without a maintenance contract. Then once you began selling the service contracts your team was able to close a significant number of new maintenance contracts. You provided value to us in a number of ways and I would work with you again.

Dave Therrien
CTO and Founder of ExaGrid Systems

I hold Randy Uram and his skills in the highest esteem. He is a master in all aspects of customer management. His contribution to our company will not be forgotten. He possesses a tremendous amount of sales knowledge that he applied on a continuous basis. I found him to be an exceptional sales person and leader who made a profound impact on our business.

Tom Pincince
Former President and CEO of Brix Networks

Randy Uram's sales skills, management skills, and focus on customer satisfaction make him one of the most effective VP of Sales I've encountered. He knows how to build and motivate great teams, supports them with the appropriate resources, and compensates them appropriately.

Tony Zona
Former President and Founder of Quantum Bridge Communications

Randy Uram has an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of Sales and Service. He knows what it takes to close business and how to support a customer always exceeding customer expectations. Randy can build a Sales and Service organization from the ground up. His attention to detail is second to none.

Eric Fischer
Former VP of Worldwide Sales of Akorri Networks

Randy Uram and the members of his team at Creating Confidence have played a key role in many aspects of Akorri's growth. Randy has helped expand the sales organization through his unique retained search offering, which allows Akorri to focus on revenue while Randy focuses on recruiting top-tier sales talent. This is the most efficient methodology of growing a sales organization I have encountered. I would highly recommend using Creating Confidence if you have key sales hires to make and want to do it in the least amount of time possible.

Creating Confidence has also set a tremendous number of high quality appointments with key individuals at Fortune 2000 companies. Randy has developed a process that just works! He has helped us figure out the best message, voicemail and emails to use that will engage the prospect quickly and will make them interested in learning more. The process, the attention to detail, the communications with Akorri and the positive attitude have all made working with Randy Uram and his team very enjoyable and productive.

Alan Robin
Former CEO of Xangati

Creating Confidence has an exceptional process for confirming appointments. I've worked with many other appointment setting companies and no one has been able to confirm the number of quality appointments as Randy Uram and his team at Creating Confidence. Randy's team has the unique ability of knowing what to say to prospects to initially capture their attention then how to sufficiently follow up to schedule a successful first meeting. Randy Uram also communicates directly with us throughout the entire program, so there is no question about the status of the program and the progress being made.

Tim Miller
Former CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

Randy Uram and Creating Confidence have been a tremendous help to Dolphin. We used his unique retained search offering to effectively recruit our new VP of Sales. Randy runs the process very efficiently and professionally. This blended hiring methodology let us benefit from the best features of a retained search and a contingency search. If you require assistance with a key hire in your sales organization, I recommend speaking with Randy.

Due to Randy Uram's wealth of sales knowledge, Creating Confidence has also helped bring focus to our sales organization. He aided in the improvement of our forecasting, sales process and overall sales focus through his unique ability to efficiently evaluate the current situation and then make recommendations that lead to increased revenue.

Charles Giambalvo
Former VP of Worldwide Sales and Services of Brix Networks

Randy Uram has been an extremely valuable asset to Brix. His company has helped with multiple aspects of our sales strategy, processes, and implementation. Creating Confidence was key to our sales expansion, sales training, and lead generation programs and continues to add tremendous value to Brix. There are not many sales consulting companies that can offer such a broad range of services as Creating Confidence.

Bill Hobbib
Former VP of Marketing of StreamBase

Randy Uram and his team at Creating Confidence have been a tremendous addition to our lead generation efforts. The team's appointment setting program has been highly successful, resulting in confirmed, quality appointments with many high-level individuals at top-tier organizations. Randy and his organization have a well-structured process, and their professionalism and capabilities have made it a pleasure to work with them.

Prat Moghe
Former Founder and CTO of Tizor Systems

Randy Uram has a significant impact on Tizor Systems. He ran sales for the first year of Tizor and was key to our early success. Randy is able to engage customers and move them through the sales cycle at the appropriate pace. He has a broad base of Sales and Service knowledge and understands what it takes to satisfy customers. Randy can personally sell along with leading a team.

Dennis O'Leary
Former VP of Sales and Customer Service of Tizor Systems

Creating Confidence has confirmed a number of excellent appointments for Tizor Systems over the past year. These meetings have helped Tizor build our pipeline of sales opportunities. Randy Uram has created a very effective and unique appointment setting process for his team to use. This process has the ability to attract customers to new technologies.

Randy Uram truly understands the sales process and was instrumental in many changes we implemented at Idiom. We especially appreciate his knowledge of the sales cycle, qualification techniques and what is needed to secure quality appointments. Randy was a great addition to our team and we plan to work with him in the future.

Ken Kuenzel
Former Founder and VP of Engineering of Covergence

Randy Uram's sales skills and his ability to set up appointments are exceptional. He is very focused and driven to meet his goals. He has the unique ability to interest customers in new technologies. Randy has a tremendous amount of sales strategy and implementation knowledge that has helped Covergence build a sales pipeline.

Will Torgerson
Former VP of Sales of StarGen

Randy is a senior sales consultant with sales knowledge second to none. His 20+ years in senior sales positions makes his past operational experience a tremendous asset. Randy Uram can assist a VP of Sales in multiple aspects of the position including strategies, operations and customer interactions. Because of his many industry connections, Randy can also help with key introductions.

Andrew Gelina
Former CEO and President of Syrinx Consulting

Creating Confidence has set a large number of appointments for Syrinx Consulting. They exceeded the estimated number of appointments significantly and were able to get us in the door at many high quality companies. Randy Uram and his team created the right emails, voicemails and scripts to interest the prospects to schedule initial discovery calls. Creating Confidence has been a pleasure to work with and a company I recommend when needing help with sales.

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