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Beta Program Analysis and Design

A successful beta program can be the key to a companyís future success.  In many cases, this is the first experience a customer has with your company.  Whether youíre a start-up company introducing your first product or youíre an established company testing a new product, you want to insure a customer experience that exceeds all their expectations.  You also want to make sure all the testing, feedback, and expectations are managed properly.

With our Beta Program Analysis and Design service, we will analyze your existing beta programs, your beta customerís abilities, the product testing requirements, and will then design a complete best practices beta program for you.

This best practices beta program will cover the following:

  • Timelines

  • Customer Responsibilities

  • The Beta Package

  • Delivery

  • Support

  • Beta Entrance and Exit Criteria

  • Beta Sales Cycle Model

  • Staffing Requirements



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