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Sales Tip of the Month

Use Our Sales Tips to Improve Your Results

Through our experience in sales, we have observed many behaviors that help people be more productive and successful.  Click on any of the links below as we share some of these tips that you can put to work and start to see results immediately.

*     Keys to Successful Appointment Setting
Learn about the keys to success for an appointment setting program, with a particular focus on how lead rating can improve results.

*     Hiring with a Process
Find the right addition to your team and reduce the time and effort required to bring them on board by doing your homework upfront and using a clearly defined hiring process.

*     Telemarketing with a Twist
Make your telemarketing efforts stand out from the crowd and improve your response rates through tenacity and using a combination of contact methods.

*     Having a Highly Productive Customer Meeting
Once you have secured the appointment, how can you ensure that you use a face-to-face meeting to move the prospect through the sales cycle.

*     Listen More. Talk Less.
Learn to stop talking and start listening to your customers and prospects to gather information so that you can truly address their needs.

Do you have other effective sales techniques that you want to share?  We welcome your input.  Drop us a line.



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