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Sales Tip of the Month
Listen More. Talk Less.

There's a reason we have two ears and one mouth -- so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.  As a professional sales person, the more customer information you can gather the better you can service your customer.  Getting this information takes time and the right questions.  There are many types of questions you can ask including:
  • Open-ended questions

  • Yes/No questions

  • Fact questions

  • Feeling questions

Here are 3 great open-ended questions that will supply you with key customer data:

The Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand and price wasn't an issue, what features or functions would you want our product/service to have?

This question will allow the prospect to tell you about features and functions that maybe you had not thought of.  You might also learn of key areas of importance to the prospect that otherwise would never have been discussed.  If a prospect tells you that cost is the reason they are not interested in your product, then by asking this question you will gain insight into the real reason they are not interested.  If the real reason is money, the answer won't contain many features you don't already have.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

What issues or problems do you worry about most and, of these, which ones are you trying to solve right now?

By asking this question, you will learn which problems are most pressing and require immediate attention.  If your product or service does not address these problems, then you're unlikely to get the prospect's attention until these higher priority problems are solved.  If your product or service does focus on one of these areas, then you will know where to concentrate your selling efforts.

Most and Least

What do you like most about our service/product and what do you like least?

Asking this question at the end of a presentation will let you see how well your product or service solves a real problem for the prospect.  You will also learn where you should focus your selling efforts and where you shouldn't.

Got other questions that you have found to be effective?  We'd love to hear them.  Drop us a line.


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