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Sales Tip of the Month
Hiring with a Process

The process of hiring great individuals is one of the most important responsibilities of management and one of the least organized!  Having great sales and marketing employees can propel an average or struggling company to greatness and can elevate a great company to market dominance.  There are a number of steps you should take (and which most companies don’t) when hiring key employees that include:  

*       Writing a thorough and well thought out job description

*       Developing a Skills/Behavior matrix for ranking the candidates

*       Gaining consensus from everyone involved with the hiring on the above items

*       Developing a call screening ranking matrix to filter out lower quality candidates

*       Compiling a list of interview questions based on the Skills/Behavior matrix that will allow you to score the candidates

*       Tracking the progress of each candidate through the process and don’t let candidates become stale

*       Using a corporate visit as a way solidify your final choice

*       Checking supplied and “back door” references on your candidates. 

Once a candidate has been hired, there are a few key steps you should take to increase their chances of success: 

*       The period after your new hire has resigned their prior position and before starting their new job is very critical.  Stay in touch on a regular basis making them feel like their new company is as comfortable as the one they are leaving.

*       The first few weeks of a new position should be spent learning about the company, the people, the product, and the customers.

*       A set of 30/90/180 day goals should be agreed upon within the first 2 weeks.  If the position is commission/bonus based, the goals should be tied to a piece of this incentive pay.

*       Use the first couple of months to learn as much about the person as you can.  The stronger the bond you build early on the greater the commitment you will see from this hire.

Hiring new employees can sometimes feel like a daunting and very time consuming task.  However, if you take time up front to create a well defined hiring process and develop the tools necessary to uniquely identify the best candidates, the chances of hiring the right person for the position in the shortest amount of time will be greatly increased. Also, taking an active role in managing the new hire's "onboarding" into the organization will ensure that you get the maximum value from your new hire -- and develop a committed member of the team.

Do you have other effective sales techniques that you want to share?  We welcome your input.  Drop us a line.



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