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Sales Tip of the Month
Telemarketing with a Twist

Business professionals receive hundreds of emails and calls each day from companies trying to sell them a product or service.  In order to attract their attention and confirm an appointment, you must stand out!  A way to increase your chances of success is to create a telemarketing program that combines the use of multiple voice-mails and emails via a systematic process that runs over a multi-week period.

Key elements to this program include:

*     Voice-mails must be short, convincing, and contain key information

*     Follow-up emails should be sent immediately after leaving a voice-mail and must be constructed to attract the prospect's interest

*     Send an attachment with some of the emails for a powerful message

*     The subject line of each email must be convincing and informative

*     Touch the prospect on a weekly basis with emails and voice-mails for multiple weeks to attract a high percentage of replies

*     Be extremely responsive when the prospect replies back to you

*     Know your product and what you want to say if the prospect answers your call

*     Work a group of prospects through the designed process and then add new names and start the process again

Once an appointment is confirmed via this process, there are a number of follow-up items that must be done to insure the prospect attends the meeting.  These include:

*     Send a confirmation email with all the appointment details immediately after confirming the meeting.  If the meeting is via the Web, make sure to include all links and call-in bridge numbers

*     3 days prior to the meeting, you should again confirm all the details.  Itís important in this email to ask a question.  By asking if the day and time are still good or if they will have a projector available, you are trying to obtain acknowledgement that the meeting is still on.

*     2 days prior if you havenít heard back via email, you should call the prospect.  If you donít speak with them, leave a voice-mail asking for a call or email back

*     1 day prior to the meeting if you still havenít heard back, you should call multiple times and try to speak to the prospect live or an administrator who will help confirm the details

Combining voice-mails with emails can be a very powerful mechanism to closing significant appointments with new prospects.  Prospects are more likely to reply to an email than return a call since it is less threatening to communicate with a ďSales PersonĒ via email.  Many telemarketing companies donít believe in leaving voice-mails and a significant number of them donít use emails.  Be different and achieve greater success!

Do you have other effective sales techniques that you want to share?  We welcome your input.  Drop us a line.



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