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Creating Confidence is a unique management consulting firm, focused on helping companies create new sales models and optimize existing ones to achieve higher performance. We work with CEOs and sales executives of technology and service companies to develop scalable sales organizations and processes.  Our customized programs assist customers in the professional development of their sales teams and in optimizing and executing their go-to-market strategy.

We help companies acquire, expand, and retain long-term profitable customer relationships, while aggressively challenging the boundaries of their market space with a team of highly-skilled professionals.  We are also experienced in addressing the challenges of technology start-ups -- which can be even more daunting when attempting to gain traction in a market with established competitors. 

Creating Confidence works with executive teams in the deployment of strategic sales solutions.   We partner with sales, marketing, and product teams to tackle sales issues, provide sales training, and align marketing and new product strategies.

Our Founder

Learn about our president and founder, Randy Uram.  More...


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